JAPANESE brown rice tea from Ninja's village in Kyoto. [食 Gastronomy]

Happy new year!! I'm Hiroya Aizawa, Japan presenter.

Today I'm happy to present you one of my freinds, MASATOSHI KUSAKARI.

He once worked as a system engineer (SE), but he lost his mental and physical health to plan suicide.
After overcoming the desire for suicide, he performed a round-trip of the world.

Based those experience, now he acts as a Japanese calligraphy performer. Thousands of people in Japan received his massage, which sotimes would change their lives!!
from Facebook: Masatoshi Kusakari
his blogs:

Meanwhile, after moving to the small village in Kyoto pref in 2012, he started the lives by his agriculture, he established the workshop of "Japanese brown rice tea"

This very sophisticated tea is made in AYABE, Kyoto. I call the town "Ninja's village" Because once the Ninja spies once would lived in that areas.
The mothers in the village made it spending over 3 hours roasting the brown rice... of course, this is organic without any pesticides.

Very good aroma comes when opening the sealing... Well roasted brown rice's smell is touching my nose!!!

After boiling down those beans over 20 minutes

The tender aroma of brown rice and charcoal filling the room...
The tea warms my body. Feeling happy[わーい(嬉しい顔)][わーい(嬉しい顔)][わーい(嬉しい顔)]

This is my review of tasting. The rest is for my father struggling with the cancer.

more info:
from Facebook: ぽかぽかまま

**They say the brown rice tea will increase temperature of the body and clean the blood.

It would be smoother for you to quote my name "Hiroya Aizawa (MR)" when asking something to them.
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